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Smart home security uses your Wi-Fi network to connect entry sensors and sirens to devices like smart door locks, smart thermostats, and smart lightbulbs. 

Door & Window Sensors

Features & Benefits: Coverage: 2 windows (if close together) Placement: - Exterior of a door - Recessed in the door frame (making it invisible) Tamper protection: If a burglar removes the sensor the monitoring station will be notified immediately 3-5yr Lithium Battery .

Smoke Detector
Smoke Detector

Features & Benefits: Photoelectric - Smoldering - Fast Flames Detection: - Rise of Heat - Smoke 135° Heat detector 41° Freeze detector Fully monitored: Will alert and dispatch fire department in case of fire

firefighter smoke detector
Firefighter Smoke Detector

Features & Benefits: Wirelessly Monitor: - ALL hardwired smoke detectors in a home - Install ONE Firefighter next to any one of the linked smoke detectors Monitors: - Any UL existing Smoke Detectors "Reuse": - Existing, interconnected smoke detectors No Impact on: - Fire Marshall approval Save money - By installing only one Firefighter

CO Detector

Features & Benefits: Detects increased levels of Carbon Monoxide Electrochemical sensor Fully monitored: Will alert you and authorities incase of a threat

Takeover Module

Features & Benefits: Legacy System Takeover - Connect to any existing hard wire security equipment - Wirelessly connect it to the new panel Converts - Hardwire Zones to Wireless Frequency Coverts 8 zones per module Compatible with - Go Control Systems - Existing hardwire zones

Tilt Sensor

Tilt Sensor Features & Benefits: Alarm for anything that tilts Useful for - Hatches - Roll-up Doors - Moveable Assets Cover tamper Battery life: 10-15 years

Flood/Freeze/Heat Sensor
Flood/Freeze/Heat Sensor

Features & Benefits: Notifications for: - Flood (1/4") - Freeze (40°) Extreme heat (100°) 5 selectable temperature ranges Completely wireless Simple, easy installation 3-in-1 solution: No need to purchase 3 separate sensors for each modal function

Recessed Door Sensor
Recessed Door Sensor

Features & Benefits: Virtually disappears Once installed Compatible with Systems: - Lynx - Vista - GoControl Placement: - Exterior of a door - Recessed in the door frame (making it invisible) Tapered cylinder for easy and flush fit 3-5 year lithium battery

key fob
Key Fob

Features & Benefits: Arm and disarm the system 100' Range No having to go to the panel Keyless entry to automatic door lock Panic button Can be used as a garage door opener

medical pendant
Medical Pendant

Features & Benefits: Panic button: Alert authorities in the case of an emergency Water resistant Able to be worn on - Bracelet - Lanyard - Belt

smart plug
Smart Plug

Features & Benefits: Remotely control devices - Lamps, Radio, Coffee Pot, Curling Iron, etc. from anywhere in the world Dimmer feature Compatible with dimmable lights Smart timer Turn on or off any device anytime of the day Sync Functions: - With the system to activate with system events - With schedules allowing a light come on whenever they open a door Vacation mode Turns unit on at random times within set time frames Compatible with Go Control systems O Z-Wave signal repeater

doorbell camera
Doorbell Camera

Features & Benefits: o 180° view o Night Vision O Records on motion O Two-way voice feature o Must have upload speed 1 mbps o Only one per customer

Indoor Ping Camera
Indoor Ping Camera

Features & Benefits: High Quality Video - Day or Night Two-Way Audio View Live Video - Sky Panel - Sky App Web Record Video Clips - Based on motion detection Alerts: - Receive email/phone alerts when video clips are recorded Requires a Wi-Fi connection (Minimum upload speed 1 mbps)

Outdoor Camera
Outdoor Camera

Features & Benefits: Remote Viewing Capabilities Built-in Wi-Fi Connectivity High-Quality Video Alerts: - Receive Email/Smartphone alerts - With video clip attachments - When video is recorded Upload Speed Requirement: - 1 mbps $99 installation fee

Door Lock
Door Lock

Features & Benefits: Encrypted Global Remote Access - Sky Panel - Sky App - Computer Multiple entry codes - (Up to 32) for whoever needs to enter the home - (Cleaning Service, Maintenance, etc.) History - Who entered and when Connectivity: -To alarms - Any other system activation Re-Keyed to match your existing keys Deadbolt or door handle Finishes: - Nickel (silver) - Brass (gold) - Brushed Bronze (chocolate)

Garage Door Controller
Garage Door Controller

Features & Benefits: Wired Connection Tilt sensor Secure Device Z-Wave certified Flexible mounting bracket AC adapter holder Encrypted Global Remote Access - Sky Panel Sky App - Computer