12 essential DIY tips to prevent break-ins

As more and more of us finally start to take vacations again, it feels a little alien to leave the house empty for so long. Most of us won’t have had a holiday in over a year, so we might be out of practice making sure everything’s secure while we’re away.

It’s essential that you take precautions to deter burglars and protect your home. That’s why we’ve pulled together this list of top tips to prevent break-ins, so you can rest assured on your travels. Some changes don’t require any expense at all!    

Top tips to burglar-proof your home

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1. Clean your alarm control panel — if your burglar alarm has a control panel where you input a code on entry, make sure you clean the buttons regularly. Over time, dust can build-up on the unused buttons and reveal which digits you use. This means a burglar can have a guess once it’s triggered to disarm it. And check out our picks for the best DIY home security systems

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