Best business security systems of 2021

The average sum stolen from commercial premises is around $2,000, but the real cost to your business in terms of lost trade or damaged reputation could be much higher. That’s why some kind of security system is not just a sensible business decision, it’s a basic requirement for any enterprise. The good news is that there are plenty of new companies specializing in business security to choose from. Advances in wireless smart home security devices has led to a proliferation of easy-to-install all-in-one solutions to compete with traditional security companies like ADT. These are the home security brands that are best for business.

Business security system specs
Brand Rating Installation Monitoring Lowest Upfront Cost Lowest Monthly Cost Wired/Wireless
Vivint 5 Pro Pro/Self Free $35 Wireless
ADT 4.5 Pro/Diy Pro $99 $29 Wired
Guardian Protection 4.5 Pro Pro $149 $46 Wireless
Abode 4.5 DIY Pro/Self $229 Free Wireless
SimpliSafe 4.5 DIY Pro/Self $229 Free Wireless
Brinks 4 Pro Pro/Self $199 $29 Wireless
Frontpoint 4 DIY Pro/Self $99 Free Wireless
Honeywell Home 3.5 DIY Self $449 Free Wireless

How we reviewed

We usually like to get hands-on when it comes to testing and reviewing, but in this case, calling in and installing each security system was just not at all practical. To be thorough, we would also have had to burgle each business premises and our legal department was not keen on that idea. Instead, we compared every aspect of the eight biggest names in home and business security and awarded scores within a range of comparable parameters, such as features, ease of use and user feedback. Totting up the total points for each comparable, while taking into account the various costs (and hidden costs), provided our overall ratings. However, choosing your own security solution is going to depend on the nature and arrangement of your business, which is unique to you, so please read the full reviews and get multiple quotes before making a decision.

ADT Review Listing

(Image credit: ADT)

1. ADT

Professional security and monitoring solutions from a trusted brand

Reasons to buy

+Professional installation with 24/7/365 maintenance+Bespoke, scalable solutions+Can include private security guard response

Reasons to avoid

Subscription necessary and this cost could rise over timeNo DIY optionLimited compatibility with other smart security devices

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