Aqara Camera Hub G2H Review Including Sensors

Aqara Camera Hub G2H Review Rating


Aqara is an ideal entry point for anyone looking into a customisable home automation system. It is easy to set up and use via the Aqara app and with Home Assistant you have unlimited home automation potential. The Aqara Camera Hub G2H is both an affordable hub, but also a useful indoor security camera and motion sensor. 


  • Extremely affordable Zigbee smart hub 
  • Basic security camera built-in (with local microSD storage)
  • Aqara ecosystem is more affordable than competing brands 
  • Easy to set up


  • Hub/App supports fewer products than SmartThings
  • Need to use Home Assistant for full potential 

Aqara has been a popular, affordable smart home ecosystem for a few years now. They recently launched their official Amazon UK store, so there is no more waiting around for imports with most of the devices available via Amazon Prime.

I have been checking out the Aqara Camera Hub G2H hub with some of the accessories for the past few days and have been very impressed. This system makes an excellent alternative to the more expensive SmartThings range of devices.


Set up is much the same as any other smart home piece of tech. You need the Aqara app, and from here, you will need to add your hub via Add Accessory. For the hub, you need to reset it via the pinhole button and the app should identify it and add it.

Adding accessories is done in a similar manner. You select the accessory you want to add, the app tells you how to put it into pairing mode (normally just pressing a button), and it should add automatically.

Everything added quickly without failure, and I was all set up within minutes.

Aqara is only compatible with the Zigbee wireless protocol, however you open up your Aqara devices to other systems via Home Assistant/HomeKit

Home Assistant

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